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Yardley Ortho
111 C Floral Vale Blvd.
Yardley, PA 19067
Office Hours
* Open one Friday a month while school is in session
** Open every other Saturday while school is in session

Unveiling the Excellence of Yardley Ortho: A Comprehensive Approach to Adult Orthodontics

In Yardley, PA, Yardley Ortho, led by the esteemed Dr. James Riesenberger, has become synonymous with excellence in adult orthodontics. This comprehensive orthodontic practice goes beyond traditional methods, offering a diverse range of services, including Incognito braces, Carriere appliance, and surgical orthodontics.

Incognito braces, known for their discretion, are just one facet of Yardley Ortho's commitment to providing tailored solutions for adults. The orthodontic office stands out not only for its use of advanced techniques like Carriere Motion but also for addressing unique concerns such as tooth extraction for residents in Yardley, PA.

Dr. Riesenberger's expertise extends to neighboring areas like Langhorne and Newtown, making Yardley Ortho a central hub for those seeking an experienced orthodontist in Pennsylvania. The practice's dedication to adult orthodontics is evident in its approach to emergency dentistry and the incorporation of innovative treatments like Invisalign and invisible braces.

As Yardley Ortho continues to lead the way in redefining orthodontic experiences, residents across Pennsylvania can trust in the practice's commitment to excellence, personalized care, and a journey to a perfect smile.