Dr. Riesenberger is available 24/7 for any emergencies

Since Dr. Riesenberger is local, patients can be seen on a timely basis if an emergency should occur. Also, at your initial visit the patient is given an instruction sheet of how to deal with various orthodontic emergencies. If you have an orthodontic emergency it usually can be temporarily fixed until you can get professional help. Calling Dr. Riesenberger’s office, you can discuss the problem with the office whether you will need an immediate visit (i.e. facial truma) or whether the problem can wait.

Emergency Procedures

A patient can look in their mouth and can see what has occurred with their braces or appliances and can determine exactly what is broken, loose, or causing you discomfort.

  • It is common for discomfort to occur 1 to 7 days after your adjustment. If a patient recently had an adjustment and their teeth hurt, they can rinse with warm salt water and take 1 or 2 aspirins or Tylenol (only if they are not medically contraindicated for them). This should relieve their adjustment caused discomfort.
  • If a bracket is loose and sliding on the arch wire, use the wax as needed – Call for appointment.
  • If a band that the headgear or rubber band attaches to is loose, discontinue the headgear and all rubber bands and call for an appointment.
  • If a small rubber tie is off – wait until the next appointment.
  • If the small wire tie is sticking out – push it back and under the bracket with a fingernail and place a small piece of wax over the area to allow their lip or cheek to heal.
  • If a wire or spring is loose and dangling, remove it. Fingernail cutters generally can make a clean cut; then place a small piece of wax over the area. However, a patient should generally avoid clipping or cutting the wires. Call to see if an appointment is necessary.
  • If the arch wire is protruding out in the back and sticking into the cheek – place some wax over it and phone our office for an appointment.
  • If a severe tooth ache or an abscess should occur, phone our office or their family dentist.
  • If the patient has been in a traumatic accident, phone our office.

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